OXFORD, Miss. (WJTV) – The man charged with the murder of University of Mississippi graduate Jimmie “Jay” Lee was released on a $250,000 bond.

Lee was last seen leaving the Campus Walk Apartments in Oxford on July 8. Police believe Lee was visiting someone at the Molly Barr Trails Apartments around the time he disappeared.

Dozens of people have been fighting for justice for Lee ever since.

“He was so confident and just a bubble full of laughter and light. He was such an inspiration to our community,” said Lee’s friend Braylyn Johnson. “It naturally felt like our duty and our job to take up for him now that he’s not able to take up for himself anymore.”

“Even though I didn’t know him personally, the times I did run into him I felt like I was looking at a younger version of myself, so that’s why I’m going so hard for this,” said Oxford resident Michael Knowles.

Now that the alleged killer, Sheldon Timothy Herrington, is out on bond, University of Mississippi students are frustrated and concerned for their safety.

“When he was denied bond, it kind of felt safe. It felt like if we’re going to get answers about what truly happened to Jay. And today, now that he’s released, and we still don’t know where Jay Lee’s body is, it’s concerning. It seems like they’ve given up. It seems like they don’t care,” said Johnson.

“There’s so many questions that we have that haven’t been answered. We’re still in the dark. A lot of the community is afraid because no one’s answered our questions,” said Lee’s best friend Jose Reyes. “And to find out that Herrington was released scares us even more because it just goes to show what can happen to someone and the fact that there’s no real repercussions that he’s being faced with.”

Lee’s friends said their fight for justice is far from over.

“We’re definitely not done. We’re definitely just getting started making sure that once the indictment comes that justice is served to the person who did this and that the person faces repercussions,” said Johnson.

Since Lee’s disappearance on July 8, dozens of people have participated in rallies, tailgates and other events to raise awareness about the case.