JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – On Monday, the Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS) filed a motion to amend its civil complaint in ongoing litigation concerning TANF funds. 

MDHS is seeking to amend the complaint to include “all claims under the Mississippi Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act (UFTA), arising out of the same transaction or occurrence as the principal claim.” This statute permits MDHS to recover funds from recipients to whom direct recipients of TANF funds may have transferred those funds.

Following months of discovery by MDHS legal counsel, the proposed amended complaint adds new defendants as parties, including:

  • N3 Holdings
  • JTS Enterprises
  • USM Athletic Foundation
  • Lobaki, Inc.
  • Lobaki Foundation
  • William Longwitz
  • Jacob Black
  • Garrig Shields
  • Inside Capitol, LLC
  • William, Weiss, Hester and Co., PLLC (an accounting firm)

According to MDHS, the additional defendants being added are alleged to have either received TANF funds for purposes which were not authorized under TANF or to have engaged in a conspiracy to award TANF funds for such unallowable purposes.

“I am appreciative of the leadership at the Warren, Washington, Issaquena, Sharkey Community Action Agency (WWISCAA) for their responsiveness to MDHS’ request to satisfy claims identified in the original complaint. Following repayment of $49,190 to MDHS, WWISCAA has been removed from the complaint,” said Bob Anderson, executive director of MDHS. “Additionally, claims against Brett Favre have been reduced by $1.1 million due to the repayment of those unallowable costs. This agency will continue to be receptive to offers from other parties simply to repay the TANF funds, which they should not have received.”

MDHS officials said they will not comment further on this case because this is an active litigation.