JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – There have been reports of the recent excessive heat waves affecting roadways across the country, including Mississippi.

“We’ve had a few stretches of roadway being impacted by heat. The most recent this week was on the Fortification Street on-ramp to I-55 Southbound here in Jackson. Our crews got in there on Tuesday morning and made the repairs by early afternoon,” explained Michael Flood, Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) Public Information Officer.

According to Flood, crews will have to dig out concrete, and replace it with asphalt when the temperatures get high and stay consistently high for a long period of time. Maintenance crews do keep an eye out on roadways to see which ones began to buckle and crack.

“This is maintenance season. We’ve got crews out making pothole repairs, pavement rehab, mowing crews out there, as well as construction. So, please keep an eye out for our workers. Maybe give yourself a little additional travel time. Please be aware of any lane closures. Check MDOT traffic before traveling, and just keep an eye out for our crews please,” said Flood.

MDOT officials are encouraging neighbors to reach out to their county and district offices if they notice any of these conditions.