GULFPORT, Miss. (WJTV) – In recognition of National Pollinator Week (June 20-June 26), the Mississippi Aquarium will host several special guests on campus on Saturday, June 25.

National Pollinator Week is an annual event to recognize the contributions of pollinators and pollinator conservation.

Saturday’s guests include Rachel Bond, of Pine Hills Nursery, who will be hosting a plant sale and speaking about the importance of planting pollinator gardens, the Harrison County Master Gardeners and others. A complete schedule can be found at

According to, Pollinator Week was initiated by Pollinator Partnership. Fourteen years ago, the U.S. Senate designated a June week as “National Pollinator Week.” Pollinators include bees, birds, bats, butterflies, moths, flies, beetles, wasps and other small mammals. Pollinators visit flowers to drink nectar, feed off pollen, and transport pollen grains as they move. Pollinators play an essential role in the world’s food supply and provide clean air and breathable oxygen.

Pollinator populations are in a global decline. According to the National Park Service, several factors play critical roles in the threats to pollinators, including habitat loss, pesticides, and climate change.