JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – As medical marijuana becomes available in Mississippi, local organizations are working to educate people and businesses about the industry.

The Mississippi Cannabis Trade Association announced its partnership with new Mississippi Cannabis School. They are working to properly educate those who are planning to work in the industry whether it be for cultivation and distribution.

With medical marijuana cards already accessible and product available as soon as November, organization leaders said there is a educational need in the state.

“So, you can either choose the cultivation track, or you can choose the dispensary track. This is going to be very helpful for people who are attempting to get into the industry, just so that they can learn about it as a whole. We are very… our courses are very compliance heavy, and we think that’s really important just to make sure that you are planning to provide a services to the industry that you know what the state is saying and making sure that everyone is aligned,” said Candice McClendon, founder of the Mississippi Cannabis School.

Mississippi’s first Cannabis Trade Show is also coming up soon. The Lucky Leaf Expo will be at the Jackson Convention Complex October 7 and 8.