Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus opposes Reeves’ declaration of April as Confederate Heritage Month


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus announced Thursday that they oppose Governor Tate Reeves’ declaration of April as Confederate Heritage Month. The organization released the following statement:

Considering the ongoing nationally televised trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin for the on camera killing of George Floyd and as the world still reels from the on camera point blank range shooting death by white police officer Kim Potter of Daunte Wright, a young unarmed black man, it would be in the best interest of peace and harmony to avoid any racial connotations that stir up division and remind us of the evil past – such as the confederacy.

Mississippi voters last year approved a new flag. In January that new flag was raised as the old confederate flag and the divisiveness it represented, were placed in our History Museum along with other ancient relics whose times have passed.

We ask Governor Reeves to rescind his declaration and to be more sensitive and remember the confederate symbol and its ideology should no longer be a part of Mississippi’s image or our government.

The Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus

The Mississippi Center for Justice also said it’s opposed to Confederate Heritage Month.

Mississippi Center for Justice stands with all people of conscience who condemn the official proclamation signed by Governor Tate Reeves declaring April 2021 as Confederate Heritage Month. The Confederacy represents the very worst of our nation and our state, and Reeves’ crass romanticization of it is nothing but pandering to the very worst of his political base.

Mississippi’s continued official recognition of Confederate Heritage Month, Confederate Memorial Day, and Robert E. Lee’s birthday cements the notion that removing the Confederate battle emblem from the state flag was nothing but a purely symbolic and ultimately empty gesture.

For too long, our state has paid homage to a movement that overtly champions racist ideals by celebrating slavery and the brutalization and dehumanization of African Americans. Our governor must be held accountable for using his position to promote hatred, bigotry, and oppression.

MCJ will continue its fight to dismantle Mississippi’s culture of injustice.

Mississippi Center for Justice

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