JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The application for federal student loan forgiveness has officially opened.

In August, President Joe Biden announced plans to cancel some student loan debt.

According to a Department of Education analysis, a typical undergraduate student with loans now graduates with nearly $25,000 in debt. 

Many Mississippians are wondering how this student debt relief plan will affect the state’s former and present college students. The average Mississippian with federal student loans owes nearly $37,000, which is one of the highest average debts in the United States.

Parents of some Mississippi college students believe the debt relief is a good opportunity for their children. 

“I think this is a major opportunity that students need in order to finish their experiences in college,” said Catina Mitchell, a parent of a college student.

“Honestly, this is a step stone that we as Americans, but especially in Mississippi need,” said Robert Stone, the parent of a former college student. “I feel this could be beneficial for future generations, but even past generations as well who may want to go back to school.”

To fill out the student loan forgiveness plan, click here.