JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS) Office of Inspector General has been awarded a grant of $421,471.

According to MDHS officials, the funds will help implement a framework to prevent and deter SNAP fraud, waste, and abuse.

The SNAP Fraud Framework grant will enable the Office of Inspector General to develop educational tools and materials focused on cultivating client knowledge of program guidelines and fraud prevention tools.

“This Grant will allow MDHS to develop and implement a SNAP Fraud Prevention Training and Education Program aimed to decrease SNAP fraud within the state by informing, educating, and training MDHS staff, SNAP applicants and recipients, and the general public on how to prevent, detect and deter SNAP fraud,” said Sandra Griffith, Inspector General and Principal Deputy Executive Director of MDHS.

Officials said the SNAP Fraud Prevention Training and Educational Program will educate MDHS frontline staff and clients about common instances of fraud, such as card skimming/phishing, unreported income, trafficking of benefits, EBT card theft, and unreported household composition.

“FNS is committed to expanding and improving our efforts to combat fraud in the delivery of SNAP assistance,” said Willie C. Taylor, USDA Food and Nutrition Service regional administrator. “The SNAP Fraud Framework Grant will help provide MDHS with the tools they need to improve program operations and efforts.”

The SNAP Fraud Framework provides states tools and options they can implement in order to improve program operations and outcomes.