JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – It’s considered one of the largest embezzlement in Mississippi to date. Audits showed tens on millions of welfare money had been misspent, according to findings by the state auditor.

And now time is winding down for those allegedly involved to pay up.

Some of the big name players include John Davis, former executive director of the Department of Human Services, and former NFL quarterback Brett Favre. They have at least 30 days to repay the stolen welfare money or face a possible civil lawsuit.

The investigation spanning for at least two years brought to limelight cracks in the DHS system brought forth under leadership by Davis.

Suspicions rose about the misspending of welfare funds for at least three years, according to State Auditor Shad White.

“This is money that is intended to go towards the poor. That’s the most heartbreaking feature of the entire case,” he said.

The Attorney General’s Office released a statement on Wednesday: “We do not comment on cases that may come to us for litigation.”

At some stage, this information is handed over to the attorney general’s office who then decides if a civil lawsuit will evolve out of it.