Officials request more signage after trailer hit by train in Porterville

Railroad Crossing by Kristine Bellino_306593

PORTERVILLE, Miss. (AP) — Officials in one Mississippi community are asking that flashing lights be installed at a railroad crossing after a livestock trailer was hit by a train this past week.

WTOK-TV reports that an empty cattle trailer was struck by a freight train on Thursday at the crossing on Highway 498 in the unincorporated town of Porterville. No one was injured, but the impact split the trailer in half.

Kemper County’s district two supervisor, Johnny Whitsett, told the television station that the crash is a prime example of why crossbars and flashing lights should be put up. He said people rarely stop when moving through the intersection.

“When you come across this bridge, there is no way you would know there is a railroad track right here,” Whitsett told WTOK. “There might be a sign a ways back, but if you’re not from here you’re going to go right across that track.”

Whitsett told WTOK the railroad company has asked officials to put up signage for a long time.

“We are very concerned about people getting hurt or killed,” Whitsett said.

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