YAZOO CITY, Miss (WJTV) – Central Transportation Commissioner Willie Simmons joined Lexington Mayor Robin McCrory and other officials to break ground on a project that will provide pedestrian and lighting improvements to State Route 12 in Lexington.

Simmons shared that this project will improve safety and mobility for those that need it the most in Lexington. The project will feature a replacement of existing concrete sidewalks with ADA-compliant sidewalks on SR 12 leading up to the square in downtown Lexington. It will also enhance other sections of sidewalk and provide additional lighting and benches in the project limits.

“Through the years sidewalks have been neglected and laws have changed as far as compliance with ADA and the walkability of your downtown. This provides a way for those of us who like to walk or don’t have transportation,” said McCrory.

The $889,296 contract was awarded to Double S, Inc. of Grenada. Work is planned to be completed by Fall 2023.