Protesters upset over inmate deaths in Mississippi prisons


The deaths of sixteen inmates over the course of a month leads to an angry protest aimed at the Mississippi Department of Corrections.

WJTV 12’s Lanaya Lewis talked with some of the protesters who were there.

“You fascists are responsible for the deaths of 16 human beings!”

Protestors gathered in front of MDOC’s administrative building Wednesday hoping to get answers about the inmate who dies while in the custody of the state’s prison system.

Chanting: “Back up, back up! We want freedom, freedom!”

Last month, MDOC Commissioner Pelecia Hall released a statement saying most of the deaths were health related – but protestors say they believe otherwise. Adofo Minka says the conditions of the jails are a major contributing factor.

“So if somebody has a malady like cancer or some kind of congenital heart-defect, they are not going to get the same kind of treatment that you and I would pay for and that is criminal.”

I spoke with one man who says he’s been behind bars and the conditions are inhabitable.

“You there in a bad living condition, and every time I see the news, when I’m seeing that they saying somebody else then died, I then witnessed that myself.”

Protestors tried to get inside the building to speak with Commissioner Hall but they were not let in and were told to make an appointment.

“Sixteen human beings have died on MDOC watch. What do they think justice for them looks like? Why doesn’t Pelicia Hall resign?

Lanaya Standup: Protest organizers tell there is a possibility that they will be out here again, but that date and time is unknown. In Jackson, Lanaya Lewis WJTV 12.

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