Sec. Hosemann encourages ‘young’ voters at Pearl upper Elementary


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Students at Pearl Upper Elementary along side Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann held a ‘mock’ election.  

Fourth and fifth graders cast their ballots for the two U.S. Senate races, and the third district House of Representatives seat. 

Secretary Hosemann says this is an effort to educate the students on their civic duty. 

“Hopefully it teaches the most basic of civic rights and gets young men and women to come cast a ballot for the rest of their lifetime that’s our goal one,” Hosemann said. “Number two is they’ll go home and talk to their mom and dad and I’ve been encouraging them ‘ask momma who she’s voting for ask daddy who he’s voting for.”

Hosemann adds he wants to start a systemic conversation about elections.

Voter turnout in Mississippi for the primary was 13 percent. 

The goal for this year is over 50 percent. 

Election day is November 6th. 

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