The consolidated states’ plans are meant to give each state more flexibility.

DeVos approved plans for Idaho, Mississippi and Rhode Island. The Secretary of Education praised aspects of the plan, especially a new accountability plan, services to assist underperforming schools and collaborative early childhood education measures.

An A-F accountability system provides greater transparency regarding school performance. That system encourages accelerated coursework to help students become more ready for college. 

The plan includes services to assist underperforming schools and districts through a revised model for school improvement. 

Mississippi’s State Superintendent of Education, Dr. Carey Wright released the following comments.

“All of our long-term goals are aligned to our state’s bold strategic plan to advance student achievement, and those goals apply to each subgroup of students. We have set high expectations for all students, and we have aggressive annual performance targets divided by subgroup that we will be monitoring annually,” said Dr. Carey Wright, state superintendent of education in Mississippi. “We take seriously our commitment to improving student outcomes for all students, which is why we are implementing an array of initiatives from enhancing educator preparation programs and teacher leadership to school turnaround efforts and an Achievement School District.”