Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith backs Brett Kavanaugh going into final vote


US Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith voted in favor of advancing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s name to the floor of the Senate for final consideration.

Smith has taken flak over her unflinching support of President Trump’s nominee. She says the entire process has been a disservice both to victims of sexual violence and to Kavanaugh and his family.

Some women disapprove of that stance, Women United, protested at her local offices. They say his nomination is offensive. There is also a group protesting in Washington DC.

“So what about other women in Mississippi, what about survivors so I think its important that she recognize survivors and she represents us too and so we are here to let her know that we have a voice and that um that we pay her to represent us,” said Edelia Carthan.

The Senate vote on Kavanaugh is expected to take place Saturday evening.

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