For the second time in as many days, Brookhaven residents joined together to remember the life of an officer killed protecting their community.

WJTV 12’s Terrance Friday was there and bring us more.

People from around the country are saddened by the events of the past week. Zach Moak’s family wanted to drive home their belief that he is in a better place and use the ceremony today as a way to celebrate his contribution to this world.

“The untimely death of Corporal Moak is a stark reminder of the dangers our officers and all law enforcement members and first responders face on a daily basis. They never know what the day will hold, but they embrace their responsibilities with great passion and commitment to duty,” said Brookhaven Mayor Joe Cox.

Commitment to service is one of the things Corporal Moak is remembered for. He and Officer James White were killed after responding to a call of shots fired early Saturday morning.

Police Chief Kenneth Collins says even after getting hit, CPL Moak tried to pull Officer White to safety.

That dedication, is returned two fold by the officers in this community.

“Law enforcement stand up. I want this family to see when they got the call look around. They came from all over the world. This is God’s army, to honor our fallen hero,” said Chief Kenneth Collins.

Moak was described as brave and courageous and someone who will be remembered for a life of service.

“Know this. Our community is strong. We come together in times of tragedy. We stand strong with the family of corporal Moak and the Brookhaven Police Department. We will get through this together as only a family can, and in so doing we will honor the memory of our fallen heroes.

Corporal Moak served the Brookhaven Police Department for three years. He also worked with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department and the Wesson Police Department.