Tupelo restaurants can soon sell beer, light wine earlier


TUPELO, Miss. (AP) — Restaurants in Tupelo can now start serving some alcohol products earlier in the day.

The Tupelo City Council voted last week to allow restaurants to start selling beer and light wine to customers beginning at 8 a.m., The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal reports. Previously, businesses had to wait until 10 a.m. to begin serving any alcohol products. They are still restricted to 10 a.m. for serving liquor, spirits and non-light wine.

Tupelo Mayor Todd Jordan said the proposal was made after he was approached by several local business owners that serve breakfast and wanted to serve alcohol earlier in the morning to accommodate customers who work night shifts.

The 8 a.m. start time for beer and light wine sales will begin Oct. 7.

All other forms of alcohol are regulated by the state’s Alcohol Beverage Control agency. The city must ask for permission to change local regulations surrounding the sale of liquor and other drinks with a higher alcohol content.

The Tupelo City Council have voted to request the ABC and the Mississippi State Tax Commission approve a request to extend the sale hours for other forms of alcoholic beverages to coincide with the same hours as for the hours of beer sales.

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