UPDATE: Special Session Day 5, Governor signs infrastructure bill


After 5 days, the special session to fund repairs for Mississippi’s bridge and roads comes to a close.

After alot of debate and deal striking, Governor Phil Bryant signs the Mississippi Infrastructure Modernization Act and two more bills to fund repairs are waiting on his desk.

It’s what the Governor asked for – and it’s exactly what he got…. three pieces of legislation in one call for a special session.

The signature on the infrastructure bill is still fresh. The state lottery and a BP oil spill settlement bills will provide additional revenue for critically needed repairs.

Bryant penned his signature after the House wrapped up proceedings. The BP bill passed 99 to 10, leaders credit bipartisan support. Governor Bryant called the move ‘remarkable’.

“What a remarkable five days we’ve have had, if you look at the Mississippi Infrastructure Modernization Act – if you looked at the state lottery – I talked to the Governor of Tennessee today and he was very interested in whether or not we passed that lottery because we send about 7 or 8 million dollars or more in his state and then the B.P. funding so to be able to put that amount of funding into economic development into roads and bridges.”

The Governor went on to say all of the money will have an immediate impact on cities and counties.

However, there were some objections on the way, the money is being spent and the legislative order of this historic special session.

We will continue to bring you reaction from lawmakers on the impact this session will have on the state.

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