JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Mississippi is rich in history. Where there’s history, hauntings seem to follow. Paranormal occurrences have been reported across the state. Haunted Rooms America keeps up with them.

The website created a list of the most haunted places in Mississippi. Here’s what it said about the legends behind these sites:

City Cemetery in Kosciusko

  • Laura Kelly died in the late 1800s. Her husband was so distraught over her death that he had a statue of her made. Cemetery visitors have reported seeing her statue weep.

Chapel of the Cross Cemetery in Madison

  • Henry Grey Vick died just days before he was supposed to marry Helen Johnstone. At his funeral, Helen wore her wedding dress. Now, cemetery visitors report seeing her at his grave or sitting at a nearby bench in her wedding dress.

Stuckey’s Bridge in Enterprise

  • The Dalton Gang was a group of outlaws who committed bank and train robberies. Legend has it that one of the members, Stuckey, was hanged from the railing of the bridge when he was caught. Visitors today report that they’ve seen him walking with a lantern in search of new victims. People have also reported seeing him hanging.

King’s Tavern in Natchez

  • People have reported multiple hauntings at the oldest standing building in Natchez. Some people believe the tavern is haunted by a woman named Madeline, the mistress of one of the building’s original owners. She was reportedly murdered by her the owner’s wife. In the 1930s, three mummified bodies were found in the cellar. One of them is assumed to be Madeline.

The Longfellow House in Pascagoula

  • Local legend has it that a slave who once worked at the house was treated so brutally that his spirit is bound to the property. People report hearing him move around upstairs. He’s also reportedly pushed and slapped employees.

Waverly Mansion in West Point

  • Many people have reported seeing a girl in search of her mother. She often takes naps in an upstairs bedroom, leaving an indent in the mattress after.

Grand Opera House in Meridian

  • Opera house staff report hearing a long-dead female performer singing in the main house when the building is quiet. Though her identity is unknown, staff know she has no intention of giving up her performing days.

Garden of Hope Cemetery in Gautier

  • Cemetery visitors report seeing a young girl known as Cheryl Anne. Her father, Hal, is believed to have killed Cheryl, her mom and her siblings. Legend has it that he comes out of his grave to steal the flowers from other graves. Visitors report seeing another spirit, Bloody Sarah. This spirit runs into the road, making drivers think they’ve run someone over.

McRaven House in Vicksburg

  • The McRaven House is considered the most haunted house in Mississippi and the third most haunted in the country. Several former residents have died in the house, including one who was murdered. The home also served as a Confederate hospital in the Civil War. Many visitors have reported seeing apparitions of civil war soldiers, Native American spirits and some of the former residents.