It’s been one year since 6-year-old Kingston Frazier was murdered.

The little boy was sleeping when his mother’s car was stolen from the Kroger on I-55. He was shot and killed… the car was abandoned in Madison County.

The news of his death not only moved the Metro but shocked the nation. 

He was a little boy with a lot of spirit and someone his friends looked up to, a little boy who kept a smile on his face.

That’s how family is remembering 6-year-old Kingston Frazier.

 “He was a happy 6 year old full of energy, vibrant, he loved cartoon characters power rangers, ninja turtles, I mean he was a typical 6 year old, smart, intelligent, witty and kept a smile on his face, said Grandmother, Lynn Winston.

Kingston was hours away from graduating from kindergarten when he was gunned down in the backseat of his mother’s car.

  “He was looking forward to May 18th being his graduation day from kindergarten to first grade, I mean he was excited I mean everyone he’d say to family and friends.. Are you all going to be at my celebration, don’t forget tomorrow don’t forget tomorrow… He was excited.”

Family and friends will spend this weekend honoring his life.

“I would want people to remember Kingston as being someone that God created with a great heart,” said Great-uncle Amos Archie.

While the family honors Kingston this weekend… they are still fighting for justice.

“The fact is that all three guys, knew, planned and was involved at any point in time you had an opportunity to pick up the phone or to do whatever you had to do to turn this situation around… But they chose not to do that.”

The family says this weekend will be about Kingston and the lives that he’s touched, before and after his death.

“Logically there is no logical answer but spiritually we know there’s a God that he’s in total control. What was God’s purpose for Kingston a short time on earth less than six years, there’s a purpose and Kingston has served a purpose because he has touched many peoples lives,” said Archie.