Staying safe in the summer heat


Summer has peaked and so has the summer sun.

With temps in the triple digits, it’s more important than ever for people who work outside to keep their body temps down.

The heat can be hazardous for those folks who are outside all day. Dylan Murphy’s been going up and back down in a bucket truck for the last two years working on powers lines.

“Storm restoration work, if they need new poles put up or somebody hits a pole in the metro, we replace it for them, day or night.”

Night or day, winter and summer, all day – everyday.

“We plan ahead, we go over safety analysis every morning and we stress heat factors, we take breaks every fifteen minutes and we just take breaks as long as we need.”

Murphy and his co-workers are required to wear layers of clothing when on the job for their safety.

“If we didn’t take frequent breaks we would probably overheat in an hour and pass out of have a heat stroke.”

That makes for a tough time getting the work done. But it’s smart says Dr. Jaye Myers.

“The main thing is deyhdration, not getting enough water.”

Myers is with the Children’s Medical Group in Clinton. She says know the warning signs and get out of the heat.

“As long as you’re sweating, you are doing fine. If you start getting confused or a headache or vomiting, get cooled off immediately.”

And if you don’t see a change in ten to fifteen minutes, then head to the emergency room.

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