Students continue to suffer amid JSU “high enrollment” housing struggles


JACKSON, MS – Packing up memories, moving in and starting school can be a stressful time for any college student, but the college experience can be even more stressful if you travel hundreds of miles, only to find out that you have no place to stay on campus.

That’s case for many students at JSU. Classes kicked off at JSU today, and only some students have a place to live on campus.

For others, that’s not the case, and they’re taking extreme measures, all in the hopes of getting an education.

Tuesday this senior Health Administration major starts his first day of classes at Jackson State. He asked not to be on camera because for the past two days he’s been living out of his car. He says,

“You trying to do something better with your life, there’s going to be obstacles but who would have thought that this was going to be a big obstacle to hinder someone make them want to just give up throw in the towel when they came so far.”

This student drove all the way from Ohio to get an education only to find out after arriving, he didn’t have a place to live. The university says “high enrollment” contributed to the housing headache.

In a statement, they went on to say “students are being provided with options for alternative housing in greater Jackson that may meet their individual needs.”

But for some, alternative housing isn’t an option.

“I can’t park on the campus parking lot without police kicking me off the parking lot saying I can’t park here with a car full of stuff. Now I’m a student with no where to go,” the student expresses.

Some students we spoke with say they requested housing as early as April.

The lack of housing has forced some to rent hotels, stay with other students, and take even more drastic measures like living in their cars.

Some students have already gone back home, but for this student, getting back home to Ohio isn’t that easy. For now, he is trying to stick it out and make the best of a bad situation.

“Getting by, trying to sleep in the daytime trying to stay out and about taking showers in the Walter Payton and everything. I’m just trying to live and function while I’m trying to go to school. It’s stressful. Stressful…deflating…I’m ready to just give up. I feel defeated,” he says

For now, he like a number of other JSU students, must wait with the hopes the university will be able to accommodate them at some point.

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