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Students remember Jim Hill High School coach


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Jim Hill High School family has lost a beloved coach and teacher.

Sunday morning, an outpour of social media posts began to circulate about Coach Bonita Hinton’s death. Many saying her presence will be greatly missed in the halls.

“She was a mother to us. We called her ‘ma’ because she was far more than a coach. She was a teacher,” former student, Ashley Norwood said.

Coach Hinton was a cherished teacher who influenced students at Powell Middle School, Lanier High School, and Jim Hill High School-  where she was also the volleyball coach.

“It wasn’t about building strong players. It was about building strong women. And that’s what she did for us,” Norwood said.

Norwood remembers coach Hinton as a mentor, who she was happy to win a volleyball district championship for in 2010, “We fought hard to give her that win. But behind the closed doors of the locker room, she fought hard for us.”

Norwood says even after graduate school, she owes some of her success to Hinton’s teachings.

Many former and current students took to social media to express their love for coach Hinton.

I’m told her distinct personality is something that can’t be replaced.

“Being in school, being young, we’re looking at you as an example. And she didn’t take that responsibility lightly,” Norwood said.

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