Study finds Mississippi renters have fifth highest risk of eviction in America


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A new study sheds light on the eviction crisis across America. Mississippi has one of the highest ratings for people at risk.

The company AdvisorSmith analyzed households across all 50 states and Washington D.C. Comparing economic trends to rent prices and wages. They found Mississippi has the fifth-highest risk of people being evicted.

Labor market data from November has Mississippi’s current unemployment rate at 6.4% or 81,600 people out of work. Economic infections from the pandemic making it hard for families to keep a roof over their heads.

“People are still getting evicted even those that are illegal right now so we really wanted to create awareness,” AdvisorSmith PR Specialist Brenda Franco said. “For people in different states depending on different Economies being aware of what is happening.”

Diving through the U.S Census Bureau Household Pulse Survey from Oct. 28. through Nov. 9. AdvisorSmith recorded 33.3% Of Mississippians are behind on rent and multiply it by 42.5% of renters found likely to be evicted in the next two months. Showing 14.2% in total are at risk of losing their homes.

“With the Coronavirus Pandemic this year it really changed the economy of the whole country,” Franco added. “And because of that rent prices and eviction have been talked about a lot.”

On top of $600 in direct payments from the new stimulus, bill evictions have also been suspended until the end of January. Case and Associates who own four apartment complexes in Mississippi explain communication has been their key to helping tenants.

“We’ve had a lot of tenants struggle to make payments, fortunately, a lot of the states have used their CARES ACT money for rental assistance which helped,” General Council Tyler Lenard explained. “I know the latest program passed in October and with the new law those programs will be replenished.”

Still to qualify for the new moratorium extension Mississippians will have to fill out CDC declarations. Case and Associates added revenue has also cutback with fewer people moving into new units and living with family.

The study found the biggest layoffs and number of people impacted were women and people making less than $50,000 a year. Right next door, Alabama had a better score being the eighth least dangerous state for evictions.


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