Study: Younger people are less likely to get flu shot


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – It’s peak season for the flu. Doctors said the best protection is a flu shot, but a new study showed that younger people are less likely to get the vaccine.

Some students at Jackson State University said they don’t need a flu shot because they don’t get sick.

“I personally don’t think the flu shot is necessary, because I have never had the flu,” said Taylor Young, who is a freshman.

Dr. Samuel Jones Jr. works at the Student Health Center at JSU. He said there are not many requests for the flu shot.

“The flu vaccine itself is limited based on the demand,” explained Dr. Jones. “It’s just not that sought after.”

Flu strain B is the most common this season, especially in the Jackson area. While there are many cases across the country, Dr. Jones said he hasn’t seen that many in students.

“It has been fairly mild so far, I should probably knock on wood because in a week or two we might get 20 to 30 cases… but this particular year it has been fairly mild,” said Dr. Jones. He still recommends that everyone get their flu shot.

“It’s still okay to have the flu shot, that is the only from a preventative stand-point… that’s the only thing that reduces the chance that one will have the flu,” explained Dr. Jones.

If you get the flu, Dr. Jones suggests bed rest, clear liquids and something to treat the fever, like Tylenol or Advil.

According to the Mississippi State Department of Health, 145 cases were reported by the CDC within the first week of 2020.

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