Taste of the Island provides meals for first responders amid COVID-19


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Taste of the Island, a local Caribbean take-out, partnered with Jackson law enforcement and others to prepare delicious meals for first responders who are working on the front-line during the pandemic.

“A lot of businesses are closed and we’re working a 24 hour center and it’s really hard to get out and get something to eat in a timely manner,” explained Angela Epps.

Sponsored by Walmart, Judge Don Palmer, The Jackson Police Association, Odgen and Associates and The Chicken Outlet of Morton, Taste of the Island was given loads of food to mix with their own recipes.

District One Fire Chief Earnest Whitlock, who was one of the grill masters, said the quickest way to a firefighters heart is filling their stomach.

“The worry of contracting this disease and taking it home to your family or giving it to your co-workers, that’s the biggest stress that we have handling this right now,” said Whitlock.

Firefighter Captain Jimmy Jefferson said he appreciated the act of service during this difficult time for him and his co-workers.

“Man it’s great, a lot of the establishments are closed and you’d have to go through the drive-thru which is a little inconvenient especially for the fire department with the big trucks you can’t get in and out. So something like this is very much appreciated because we needed it,” expressed Jefferson.

Doctors and nurses are also invited to come take a to-go food box located at the intersection of President Street and Capitol Street downtown. The owner of the restaurant says there is enough food to distribute 250 meals and they even plan to hold another event next weekend.

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