Texas neighbors deal with freezing temperatures, power outages


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Many in Texas are still without power due to a winter storm. 12 News talked to Jade Bulecza’s brother earlier this week. He was inside his Austin, Texas, apartment when the dangerous cold hit the state.

Many people have been in line at grocery stores. Austin Bulecza found a Target in Austin that was basically stripped of items.

“The only light is what was coming in through the front doors. If you’re in the back of the store, it was pretty dark. They had a handful of check out lines open, limiting people to one pack of water,” he said.

Austin has been without power since Monday morning. After about 42 hours in the dark, he found a friend of a friend in the city who still had their lights on, but the power can still be dicey there.

“Fortunately the power only went out a couple times yesterday for 30 to 45 minutes at a time, and we had it through the night.”

The pipe also burst in Austin’s apartment.

“It flooded the apartment I got that all cleaned up and came back saw the ceiling had fallen out.”

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