The Better Business Bureau warns Mississippians of Instagram scam


JACKSON, MS – Scammers are giving a high tech makeover to get rich quick schemes.

They are now targeting the social media site Instagram. The Better Business Bureau is warning young adults here in Mississippi. Here’s how the scam works:

You may see a photo of a person bragging about “flipping” money into thousands of dollars by investing it and saying how easy it will be for you to do it too. But once you contact them- they ask for an account number, and for you to make a deposit.

The problem is, you never get the money they promised and now they have access to your account.

“If someone is just going to offer you a lot of money to virtually do nothing, do some online banking, that really too good to be true. Everybody would be excited for that opportunity but they target younger people. Because they’re excited, they’re in college they could use the extra money. It’s the first time on their own. so they just send these blasts on Instagram and it’s just a numbers game for them,” says John O’Hara, CEO of BBB Serving MS.

The BBB is urging you to do your research before sharing any of your personal information. People have been hit with this scam in states like New York, California and even Texas.

So far no cases have been reported here in Mississppi.

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