Supreme Court vacancy raises concerns over abortion


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The fight over the U.S. Supreme Court vacancy will likely be over abortion. The Jackson Women’s Health Organization is the only abortion clinic in Mississippi. With the Supreme Court balance of power expected to shift significantly, the services would likely end.

“When it really boils down to it, what Americans politics has been about for the last 50 years has been the question of abortion,” stated Andy Taggart, a local attorney and former attorney general candidate.

Taggart said the law will change with President Trump’s appointment and would become state control over abortion access.

“Do I think that is what is behind the president’s appointment? No, but do I think there’s the realistic prospect that the law will change in that area? Yes, I do.”

Pro-abortion advocates said overturned Roe V. Wade will be disastrous for women in Mississippi.

“The poor will be denied care. The rich will always be able to get it. It will be illegal in Mississippi, and reproductive healthcare will suffer because abortion is healthcare,” said Kim Gibson with the Pink House Defenders.

If Roe V. Wade is overturned, trigger laws in Mississippi will outlaw abortions.

“We have to value women’s lives and keeping abortions safe, legal and accessible,” stated Gibson.

However, an appetite to broadly strike down Roe V. Wade is up in the air.

“The court will be at least afforded the opportunity to wipe the slate clean, but that requires five of the nine justices to vote. And it’s not impossible to imagine that not five justices will want to do that in any given case in a sweeping fashion,” said Matt Steffey, who is a constitutional law professor at Mississippi College.

President Trump is expected to nominate a female judge.


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