The Place at Harbour Crossing converts into My Salon to stay afloat


RIDGELAND, Miss. (WJTV) — What was once a popular event venue has taken on an entirely new purpose.

The Place at Harbour Crossing in Ridgeland made a bold decision to convert itself into a branch of “My Salon” in order to avoid closing.

It serves as spot for people in the cosmetic industry to rent a suite.

Vice President of Culture and Marketing Amber Sukhbaatar explains how it works.

“It gives small business owners the opportunity to open up their own business and focus on beauty entrepreneurs,” Sukhbaatar said. “We’re just excited to help support those in the industry.”

This allows them to conduct their services in a pandemic-friendly environment.

It’s something that Freda Washington, a barber is taking advantage of.

“My older clients were uncomfortable,” Washington said. “I come from a mall setting—and so with COVID they felt more comfortable being in private space that they knew was clean and sanitary because they’re most susceptible.”

Ardy Reed specializes in non surgical weight loss treatment. He said that being able to rent a room at The Place has made managing costs has been much easier.

“It’s really unique because I didn’t need all those other expense,” Reed said. “I can rent a very nice room which is more than we need. I pay a weekly rent which is very reasonable and that covers everything. I don’t have a water bill I don’t have a power bill and I don’t have an internet bill. It’s all included in the rent.”

Because of The Place at Harbour Crossing, several businesses have been saved, including itself.

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