The remarkable story behind Linebacker Davion Taylor’s journey to the NFL


From being turned down by community colleges to being selected by the Philadelphia Eagles in Round 3 of the NFL Draft

Linebacker Davion Taylor was the best player at South Pike High School, yet he played just six total quarters of football for the Eagles. Taylor’s family spent friday nights studying the bible and on Saturday’s they went to church.  

Taylor still remembers how hard it was when he would wear his football jersey all day at school Friday just to part ways with his team after school while they went to get ready for the game and he went home. Missing bible study and church wasn’t an option, however, when Taylor turned 18, it was his turn to decide his future. He struggled after graduating high school to find community colleges to give him a chance to play football with limited game tape to show them. He sent several emails out to schools and did not hear back from any of them. Finally, Coahoma Community College took interest.

“Nobody when I did send out emails and everything really gave me a chance to prove myself,” said Taylor. “But when I got that call from Coahoma looking for players I went there and tried out and came back and walked on in the summer. I knew I had an opportunity so I worked hard and earned my spot.”

After two seasons at Coahoma Community College, Taylor was named the top junior college outside linebacker in the country. A handful of Division 1 schools started taking interest in him including Colorado.

“Colorado helped me tremendously,” said Taylor. “I think the one thing I loved the most there with the coaches was their patience with me because when I went up there it was hard for me to learn a program at a D1 scheme because I didn’t have the high school experience. I only had two years of junior college and that wasn’t enough, to be honest. At Coahoma they really just put me in a position where I could just play fast. They would be like, ‘Alright Davion you do this and you don’t have to worry about what the person beside you is doing,’ and at Colorado I had to learn what everybody was doing.”

Football was not the only sport Taylor played. He was a track star in high school, at Coahoma, and at Colorado. One of the biggest aspects that separates Taylor from other players is his speed.

“When I was younger I just always loved to run. I was racing everybody on the playground trying to see who is fastest. Even now even though I did run a 4.39 at pro day I still want to become faster because I know that is a key part of my game and it is going to be a key part of my game at the next level.”

Last weekend, April 24th of 2020 became a day Taylor will never forget when he got the call in the third round of the NFL Draft to play for the Philadelphia Eagles. When asking him if his younger self who was just hoping for a community college to give him a chance to play football would have believed he would be in the NFL in a few short years, the answer was simple.

“No, not at all” he said. “I was struggling just to get into community colleges. To say that I was going to be in the NFL let alone going through the third round if that, I wouldn’t have believed it at all. It really is just a dream come true.”

On the day of Taylor’s tryout to walk on the team at Coahoma Community College, he said a prayer. He asked God to let him make the team if he is meant to play football and to not let him make the team if it’s not meant to be. To this day, Taylor continues to put God first.

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