‘This is monkey business’, Hood campaign responds to NBC/Survey Monkey poll showing him losing in November


Reeves and Waller leads Hood in head-to-head poll

A new survey by NBC/Survey Monkey in partnership with Mississippi Today shows the top two Republican contenders in the Mississippi governor’s race beating the likely Democratic nominee Jim Hood in November’s election. 

Attorney General Jim Hood’s campaign is pushing back on the newly released poll. 

In a statement to WJTV 12 the Jim Hood campaign says 

“This is monkey business.  Survey Monkey is ranked the eighth-worst polling outfit in the nation out of 396 rated by the authoritative 538 website.  We have been up in the polls for the past two years.  We are seeing undercurrents that haven’t been seen in decades. Huge blocks of voters such as supervisors, municipal and county elected officials, teachers, superintendents of education, law enforcement, firefighters, nurses, doctors and business leaders, Republicans, and Democrats, have consolidated behind our campaign for change.”

In a head to head match up the poll shows Ret. Chief Justice Bill Waller beating Hood 53% to 41%. 

“It reflects that people are interested in my platform I’ve had from the time I qualified on March 1st,” Waller said.  “It’s been consistent in my three issues that being education, including vocational career training and health care and roads and bridges.”

The same poll shows Hood down 9% to Lt. Governor Tate Reeves in a face to face matchup. 

“The only poll that matters to us is the poll that’s going to be taken on election day,” Reeves said. “We believe we’re in a very strong position as the only conservative in this race to take the fight to the democrats because we need a conservative governor we don’t need to go backwards over the next 4 years.”

Both polls also show a 6 percent no answer. 

The Hood campaign released a poll in may showing hood beating Tate Reeves 45 to 40 percent. 

According to Mississippi Today, The poll released on Friday shows that Waller’s support among conservatives and moderates is slightly stronger than Reeves’. 

Of the 205 respondents who labeled themselves “very conservative,” 69 percent said they’d vote for Waller over Hood, while 67 percent said they’d vote for Reeves over Hood.

Of the 389 respondents who labeled themselves as “conservative,” Reeves fared better against Hood than Waller, with 73 percent saying they’d vote for Reeves over Hood and 70 percent said they’d vote for Waller over Hood.

To read the full article released by Mississippi Today click here.

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