TikTok star, originally from Jackson, reacts to Trump’s ban


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — TikTok has taken off during the pandemic as people turn to comedy and new hobbies to pass the time safely.

Many people have been able to gain fame from it, such as Jackson native Rita Brent.

“I hope TikTok lives!” Brent said.

Brent’s comedy career started in Jackson but skyrocketed when she moved to New York City, partially because of TikTok. She reaches her audience through standup and through song.

She said without it, her platform would suffer.

“If there’s no more TikTok, for me, what it does is it lessens my platform,” Brent said. “Right now I have a song out about Kamala Harris, and it has garnered like 15,000 likes on tik tok and hundreds of comments. 10s of thousands of views. I’m getting gigs and followers from that post on tik tok.”

Brent said that other platforms have been helpful too, but nothing compares to TikTok.

“So many of my comedian counterparts are on TikTok and it’s really broadened their brand,” Brent said. “What they’re doing is being able to reach those Millennials who may not have had access to those who are on Facebook or on Instagram.”

Brent said if TikTok is abolished completely, it won’t be the end of the world for her, but it will eliminate a major tool for thousands of influencers trying to make their mark.

“I guess I’d just tell jokes on the corner! I don’t know!” Brent said.

To keep up with Brent on TikTok, visit her page.


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