Toddler saved from hot car in Jones County


JONES COUNTY, MS (WHLT) – According to the National Weather Service, last year in the U.S., 30 children died from heatstroke after being left in a car.

Just last week, Jones County Emergency Medical Responders and Sheriff’s Department rescued a 3-year-old from a hot vehicle.

“The car was not running, and it was a day just like today. I mean it’s hot. You can look at my forehead and tell that it’s hot here,” EMR Coordinator Lee Garick said.

According to Garick, officials broke the car’s window before the child became overheated.

“If a vehicle is not running, as hot as it is outside, nothing needs to be inside there that’s breathing. Because it wont be breathing for long,” Garick said.

The National Weather Service says in just 10 minutes, your car’s temperature can rise 19 degrees.

Recent highs have been in the 90’s. Think about a how it would feel to be stuck in an over 109 degree car.

Here’s two helpful tips from EMR for forgetful parents:

  1. Keys…Kids. If you have your keys, make sure you have your kids.
  2. Make sure the kids are the last thing you put in the car, and the first you take out. announced Friday they will bring their customers a “first-of-it’s-kind” car seat to prevent vehicular heatstroke.

According to the company’s website, the car seat uses a wireless receiver which plugs into the car and syncs with the chest clip around the baby.

If the car is turned off and the chest clip is still buckled, an alarm will alert the driver.

Jones County EMR suggests parents look into the product.

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