Top debate moments: Hosemann vs Hughes


Thursday’s Lt. Governor’s debate featured candidates Delbert Hosemann and Jay Hughes. Both candidates stood in the spotlight and shared plans to develop a greater Mississippi. Here are some of 12 News’ top moments from the debate.

Hughes on healthcare:

As Jay Hughes explains the importance of medical care in rural Mississippi areas, he shares his experience of losing his mother during an ambulance ride because the hospital was just a few miles too far.

Hosemann defends silver spoon comments:

Hosemann’s opponent Jay Hughes is known for his humble beginnings but, when Hughes hinted Hosemann was born with a silver spoon his opponent jokes it off and shares the story of his early years growing up in Vicksburg.

Hosemann on equal pay:

Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann explains why he is pushing for equal pay in Mississippi. He starts by explaining that many key officials on his campaign trail have been women.

Both Lt. Governor candidates give closing statements:

Hosemann concluded he was grateful he was able to show the people of Mississippi he plans to continue serving the state and has concrete policy ideas for a greater Mississippi.

Hughes wants everyone to know that he isn’t in this race for himself but for everyone, especially the less fortunate Mississippians and rural residents.

With these top five moments highlighted above. Who do you think won the debate? What are your final thoughts?

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