JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — A store owner was shocked to find his business damaged from the roof caving in Thursday morning.

“When I saw this when I opened up the door I just think God that I wasn’t in there. It surprised me like it’s just collapsed,” Store owner, Major Singh said.

Major Singh is filled with a heart of gratefulness, after seeing  a situation that he believes could have taken his life had he been in the wrong spot at the wrong time.

“I just thank God I wasn’t in there because if I was there it might have killed me you know with that weight of the roof,” Singh said.

A little after 9:00 Thursday morning, Singh was notified that his alarm sounded off. He thought someone was breaking in, but when he rushed to the store what he found was something much more unexpected.

“You try to come to work in the morning and in front of you, you see things like this. It surprises you a lot you know. I’m just trying to make a living,” Singh said.

Sign says the business has passed recent inspections, and there had been no trouble with the roof.

He believes the heavy rainfall may have contributed to the collapse.

The loss in inventory alone is worth upwards of $70,000. Despite the loss, Sigh is just thankful that no one was hurt.

“For that I feel glad, but to see that I feel sad. To see your property damage like that, but if somebody is safe and that in there I’m just glad. I’m just sorry that I can’t sell to my customers for some time. I’m sorry for them, but I think God everybody is safe,” Singh said.

The insurance Company has been notified and the store does plant o eventually rebuild. The building was built in the 80’s, but Singh says nothing like this has ever happened.

The Speedways is located on Siwell Road in Jackson.

According the owner, Major Singh, he thinks the roof collapsed because of all of the heavy rain.

Singh said he got a call around 9 a.m. that the alarm was going off at the store. They thought it was a burglary.

“When the store was closed and the alarm company they called me, like there were some burglaries around in there, and then when I came here it was like that,” he said.

The inventory is worth about $60,000 to $70,000.

No one was hurt. W’ere told the owner plans to rebuild. The insurance company has been notified.

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