PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — 98L: The solutions that make more sense are starting to come into focus.

There is still a ton of uncertainty as to where the storm will go and how strong the storm will be. There is some uncertainty as to the timeline as well mainly as to forward speed of the storm.

Saturday/Sunday we should have a clear picture coming into where the storm is heading. Monday we should have a good sense of where the storm is going. Tuesday and Wednesday we will be talking about impacts and fine details depending on the location of the storm.

Here I have the total possible solutions in purple as well as where the latest single-run solutions are for the GFS and EURO.

I have an “IF” slide that shows a timeline of when impacts would be expected or approaching that area “if” the storm were to come to that area.

Also, just about everyone in the coastal southeast should watch the storm and be in prep mode just in case.

This shows when things would be impacting your area if the storm were to head in your direction.