Trucks carrying radioactive material to soon hit the roads


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — The U.S. Department of Energy is letting drivers know they will soon be sharing the roads with trucks carrying radioactive material.

The DOE is holding a road show to let everyone know the material is not harmful to drivers.

“Transuranic waste is defense generated waste left over from the productions of nuclear productions,” said

Bobby St. John of Nuclear Waste Partnership. “Transuranic is all man-made elements, radioactive elements.”

“Each tank is right about 19,000 pounds,” said Tommy Cash, a driver.

The containers have been through a series of tests. Even in the event of a crash, is it very hard for them to break

“Drop test, burn test, they’ve hit it with a train, and none of them have breached,” Cash said.

The material will be transferred through Mississippi on I-20 to the waste isolation pilot plant in New Mexico. These will be the first shipments received at the facility since 2014.

“We had a fire in the underground, and we had a radiological event in the underground as well,” said St. John. “Since then we recovered from those events and made a number of changes to the facility.”

The material will be disposed over 2-thousand feet underground

“Once they’re underground, it’s permanent,” St. John said. “They will never see daylight again.”

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