Trump-Pence Boat Rally held at reservoir


RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – A rally for the upcoming presidential election in November took place at the Ross Barnett Reservoir on Saturday. Families joined neighbors to exchange reasons why they believe President Trump deserves four more years. 

The Trump-Pence boat parade was put on by Mississippians for Trump and families showed up with excitement to wave their flags and rally for their president.

Voters said that President Trump has received blame for issues well before his time and four more years will give the president more opportunity to be effective. 

“I believe that Trump is the way to go now, and all these people showing all this great response really makes me believe that the solid majority is going to rule and win. It’s gonna be a great 2020 from here on out. I mean look at all these people here, it makes me proud, it makes me proud to be an American,” said supporter, Chrissy Morrow.

Voters said motivation for the rally stemmed from many things. Whether it be protection of Blue Lives Matter or the continued fight for the original Mississippi state flag, voters said they’ll be casting their vote in favor of Trump in just 8 weeks.


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