JACKSON, Miss. WJTV) — President-elect Donald Trump has been vocal about keeping manufacturing jobs in the United States.

Tuesday, Ford decided to scrap plans for a plant in Mexico.

Although Ford has said it’s not because of what the incoming president has said, many companies are starting to come up with strategies in case they become a target on Twitter.

While there’s still division on many issues among Mississippi lawmakers, there is one thing they can agree on.

Trump is no stranger to social media. His Twitter account took center stage during his campaign and nearly every day since.

“It’s a direct communication to the voter,” said Mitch Tyner, chairman of the Mississippi Trump Committee. “In years past, we really didn’t have that.”

In his latest tweets, Trump has praised American companies like for getting rid of production plans in other countries.

“The tweets and the impact that they’ve had by the president-elect on the industry is the best thing that I’ve seen Donald Trump do so far. If we can get more jobs located in staying in the U.S. I think better off the county is going to be,” said John Horhn, a Democratic state senator.

“I agree with President- elect Donald Trump,” said Terry Burton, a Republican state senator. “We need to buy American, we need to hire American, and we need to make sure to get the tax rates in America down to the point where can compete with some of these other countries.”

Tyner said the president-elect has already made an impact on businesses here in the state.

“I got a call out of another county where a plant had already made their decision to go to Mexico and quit talking about putting it in this county in Mississippi,” he said. “It’s 150 jobs. Once Trump was elected they started talking to us again in MS.”

Tyner wouldn’t reveal the name of that company.