Two Mississippi Museums to exhibit former state flag


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Two Mississippi Museums will add the former Mississippi state flag as display starting next week.

“This is history in the making that you’re witnessing at the state capitol.”

On Wednesday, July 1 the former Mississippi State flag was retired and its new home is getting prepared inside the Two Mississippi Museums.

“There’s a lot of history around the former state flag and I think that people will be coming out. They are interested in seeing this flag that has flown over the state of Mississippi, so next week they can come and see it,” said Pamela Junior, Director of the Two Mississippi Museums.

Whether you are interested in seeing the former state flag or just looking a safe activity to do, Junior encourages everyone to come.

“I think people may be a little afraid but we have social distancing measures and we’re asking everyone to wear a mask and come into the museums,” said Junior.

“We’ve lived in Mississippi our whole life. I followed racism and the black problems all my life and I’ve really never understood. Our church, now, is doing a study on racism, racial prejudice and reconciliation; we were urged to come to the museum. We’re learning a lot of things about how blacks were treated and it’s not good,” expressed visitor Howard Boone.


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