Update: According to Rankin County Under-sheriff Raymond Duke, the department has suspended the search for missing Joseph Skylar Burnley.

Duke says, “The search teams covered over 400 acres over the past two days looking for the missing man, and are confident he is no longer in the wooded area off of Rankin Road.”

He says efforts will continue in locating Burnley, but the focus will be shifted to other leads.

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Officials in Rankin County are conducting a search and rescue mission for a missing man.

According to Rankin County Under-sheriff  Raymond Duke, they have a large scale mission happening right now. He says Joseph Skylar Burnley, 27, was last seen at 10 a.m. Friday. Burnley was reported missing Saturday morning.

Officials say Burnley drove into a wooded area near Bridges Road with a friend, who is not being named at the moment. We’re told the riend’s wife and 4-year-old daughter was also with them.

The friend tells investigators they were looking for his stolen truck, and Burnley’s phone was inside that truck. They say after about 45 minutes, he and his family left without Burnley. “The wife and daughter were a little hot. No air conditioning in the vehicle. So they needed to leave,” said Duke.

The friend goes on to tell investigators when he returned to get Burnley, he could not be found.

The search area isn’t too far from Interstate 20. That’s why investigators say the story they’re being told is raising a red flag. “There are some, I don’t want to call them discrepancies, but areas of concern in their statements. We believe he went into the wooded area on his own accord. What happened after that. We’re uncertain,” said Duke.

Metro One helicopter was called out to help search from above. No signs of Burnley were found.