USM Officials Taking Measures to Prevent Hazing

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Some Greek Life organizations have come under fire over the last year for hazing and alcohol related deaths occurring during chapter events.

The deaths of Timothy Piazza at Penn State and Max Gruver at LSU put Greek Life Fraternities in the national spotlight once again.

University of Southern Mississippi officials say they are well aware of the incidents that occurred at those universities.

Dr. Denny Bubrig, the assistant v-p for student life says u-s-m has a zero tolerance policy on hazing.

“Well first and foremost our policy stand is obviously zero tolerance,” said Bubrig. “Each situation is adjudicated on a case by case basis to determine whether it’s individual in nature or whether its organizational culture in nature and then sanctions or disciplinary actions are taken accordingly.”

Dr. Bubrig went on to say that the University has taken measures to help prevent incidents like what happened at Penn State and LSU over the last year, and says it all starts with education.

“Now obviously being an educational institution, we like to do everything in our power to be proactively educational about that,” said Bubrig. “So some of the things we do are, each year at the beginning of each academic year, the active members take part in risk awareness seminars which involve hazing education amongst others.”

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