Veterans receive COVID-19 vaccinations at Jackson nursing home


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Veterans rolled up their sleeves to receive the coronavirus vaccine at the VA nursing home in Jackson on Saturday.

Veterans at the nursing home said they are ready to return to normal life after the coronavirus outbreak has kept them locked down.

Since March, for Jimmie Stowe this vaccine means everything.

“Honey, I come this close to death. I mean I was on my last breath and I think a lot of prayers pulled me through that maybe a few thousand prayers got me through covid,” said Stowe.

Stow said he’s grateful to have his strength back and the ability to shower on his own after his time with COVID-19.

“You can imagine 40 days without a shower or anything it was tough let me tell you.”

With this vaccine, he’s ready to not go through that again.

For other veterans, getting vaccinated means being closer to seeing family face to face. They also feel great and hope that others will set aside fear of the vaccine.


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