JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9832 held their annual Veterans Day program in Jackson on Saturday.

Transportation Commissioner Willie Simmons, who is a veteran, was the guest speaker of the ceremony.

“But a person recognized that you are a veteran, and they say thank you for your service and reached out to shake your hand. It means a lot,” said Simmons.

Veterans said a little goes a long way, and that’s why Jimmy James believes helping the younger generation is important.

“The thing is, recruit, recruit, recruit. Because we need younger guys like me to come in and try to keep this organization going strong,” James asid.

The All-American Service Persons Organization honors veterans each year with this particular program. They also participate in various community initiatives throughout the year. 

“Just want to let the veterans know who that is out there for you. And all you got to do is try and get it,” said Macon Beamon, a veteran.

Alvin Johnson is also a veteran. He is not only a retired war photographer, but he’s also a passionate supporter of the community.

“You can support from financial contribution. Take the support by just your physical contribution in terms of just being apart. And that’s why I today is very important, so they could come out and actually meet and recognize some of the value from the different wars and hear their stories and understand what’s going on,” said Johnson.