Vicksburg neighbors upset the Tree house Banquet Hall is back open

The Tree House

The Mayor of Vicksburg invited folks out to voice their complaints and people did not hold back.

Everything from speeding and loud music to property issues were mentioned in Thursday’s meeting.

One grievance popped up more than once and that’s the reopening of ‘The Tree House Banquet Hall” which was shut down for less than a week after a shooting.

Neighbors along Cherry Street are tired of the loud music pouring out of ‘The Tree House’ at all hours of the night.  

“The screamingl, the yelling I’m tired of calling the police,” a concerned neighbor explained. 

Mayor George Flaggs shut down the banquet hall after a shooting last weekend and met with the owner who signed a memorandom of agreement to install a metal detector.

“He’s governing himself according to all the laws of the city and we’re going to treat him fair,” Mayor George Flaggs explained. 

However neighbors say that’s not enough. This is the second time in a year that ‘The Tree House’ has been shut down. Mayor Flaggs says he plans to sit back down with the owner to discuss the noise complaints.

“I sympathize with the residents. I think they got a valid point, I wouldn’t want to sleep, nobody oughta sleep, be able to be in they house and be threatened by gun fire,” he explained. 

Flaggs says there is a long process that the city must go through to file a nuisance complaint, but one thing he won’t tolerate is violence.

“It’s senseless for us to have to spend all of the tax payer money on policing folks, that just don’t want to be governing themselves according to the law,” Flaggs said. 

The city goes by a strict rule that when shots are fired on a business’s property they are shut down until the owner meets with city leaders and signs a memorandom agreeing to new safety measures.  

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