VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) – Julie Ford owns Caffé Paradiso in Vicksburg. After hearing about Vicksburg-Warren School District closing because of coronavirus concerns, she and her staff immediately took action.

“We are working with the school district and volunteering to make sure they can get meals out to all those 8,000 kids,” she explained.

Ford said she felt like it was her duty to give back to the community. Through these lunch bags, she’s able to do just that.

Amy Williams has seven children who are now out of school. She said there have been limited products in grocery stores. Williams said Caffé Paradiso has lifted a weight off her shoulders.

“It’s a big help for me that I’m able to get something for them to eat until the stores are actually able to restock up on food,” Williams stated.

Ford said she hopes that this will inspire a circle of kindness.

“We just wanna make sure that at some point in their life those kids will take that away with them, and they’re able to give back at some point,” Ford said.

Ford said this has been an eye-opening experience, and that they’ll continue to provide for as long as necessary.

Ford asks that if you if you would like to take advantage of Caffe Paradiso’s services, please visit reach out via Facebook.