Vicksburg’s ERDC welcomes the first female commander


The U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center known as EDRC, is one of the most diverse engineering and scientific research organizations in the world.

EDRC conducts research and development in support of the soldier, military installations, and the Corps of Engineers civil works mission, as well for other federal agencies, state and municipal authorities, and with U.S. industry through innovative work agreements.

The Organization conducts research and development in five major areas:

  1. Military Engineering
  2. Environmental Quality and Installations
  3. Water Resources
  4. Geospatial Research and Engineering
  5. Engineered Resilient Systems

“ i’m really excited to continue The stem work that they are doing with local schools and universities because I think that’s really huge and especially as a female in the stem environment there is an old phrase I think it was actually from the south to be one you need to see one. So if a little girls get to see a senior female engineer they can look up and say I get to do that.”

Colonel Teresa A. Schlosser

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