Victims in Jackson shooting claim police took an hour to respond, councilman explains staff shortage


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A Jackson family is shaken after their home and cars were shot into last night and help may not have been there as quickly as needed.

No injuries, but they’re still waiting for responses from the Jackson Police Department.

The Quinn family is thankful no one was hurt but is furious not only with the criminals who shot into their home but the long response time they claim it took for Jackson Police to be there.

A quiet night at home almost turned into an explosion of violence as gunshots rang into the Quinn family cars inches from the gas tanks.

“The bullets passed them, but it’s by the grace of God they didn’t get hit because the lord knows they’re innocent,” Carrie Quinn who wished not to go on camera said.

One woman simply laying in her room described the moments her street North Park Dr. turned into a war zone.

“I saw a bullet enter my bedroom so I went into the closet and then I heard my grandma hit the ground and thought she was shot,” Rajhaneka Quinn told us. “So I ran into her room and made sure she wasn’t shot than it stopped for a minute then started back.”

Immediately after the first round of bullets hit their property, the Quinn’s called 9-1-1 but say they had trouble getting officers to respond.

“I wanted to know why it took 4-5 calls for them to come out here,” Carrie argued. “An hour, innocent people could have been killed and the police to me didn’t show enough concern.”

Quinn’s complaints about long wait times on officer’s response came after a member of the city council explained Jackson has a severe cop shortage with less than 200 active officers, even though the city is budgeted for 350.

“We only have about 155 active boots on the ground as far as our officers,” Councilman Aaron Banks said. “Most of our units, investigative units, property, crime, juvenile, crime scene detectives are short 50%.”

As of Tuesday night, there’s still no tweet from JPD explaining the shooting and asking for the public’s help to find suspects.

We reached out to JPD public information for their side on their response to the incident but haven’t heard back. If you know any information for this incident or any illegal activity call crime stoppers.


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