Video of JA student crossing up mom goes viral


Kesha Flantroy, is an OB/GYN, a wife and mother of two children. Her son, Robert, who’s a 7th grader at Jackson Academy, has a dream of playing professional basketball. And she said she’ll do anything to help him reach his goal.

Even letting him cross her up.

“I knew that my husband was tired because he works with him religiously, two hours Monday through Friday,” Flantroy said. “So, when I go out there I’m supposed to be getting the ball, passing it back. And so, I was like OK, I’ll play a little defense.”

Flantroy said coming out to the gym with her son and husband is something she always does when she gets off work. But, she said she never imagined what she thought was just helping Robert, would quickly turn into a viral sensation.

“No! Absolutely not! That is not something you kind of want memorialized.”

“We’ve been holding on to this. I was like no we’ll wait until he goes to the NBA and we’ll post it and it’ll be funny, haha. And then Jay Williams came out with the ‘Super Handling Challenge’ and I was like OK, I’ll think about it. Well my let me think about it lead to my daughter posting first.” 

Now, the video has nearly 2 million views on social media and was even featured Wednesday night on ESPN’s Highly Questionable.

“I knew it would be funny to our friends because they know how we are. But, no it’s actually been quite eye opening because I didn’t expect it go viral at all.” 

She said her moment of embarrassment is small compared to how proud she is of her son.

“He’s good, not only athletically, but academically. We want to get out of college debt free.” 

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